Introducing a free summer math program for your students + families!

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📣 Introducing Camp Khan!

We’ve heard from so many educators that families are asking for summer learning ideas — especially after this challenging year.

If you’re in the same boat, feel free to share info about Camp Khan. It’s a free, 15-minutes-a-day math challenge for students entering grades 3-12. Or if you have younger students, be sure to check out Camp Khan Kids, too.

And to make it easy, here’s a short introductory letter (in English and Spanish) that even includes a parent-teacher planning tool from our friends at Learning Heroes. Just make a copy, edit, and then print or send to families.


⬆️ Take your videos to the next level!

If you’ve been inspired by our Make Your Own Khan Video challenge, here are two events to help you build your skills:

Learn How to Make Videos Like Sal
Our awesome partners at Wacom and Explain Everything will be leading a workshop on how to make your own high-quality learning videos.

Join them on Thursday, June 10 at 5 PM ET for a free walkthrough — including a chance to win a tablet like Sal’s. Register now!

Explore the Flipped Classroom Model
If all this video creation has you pondering different approaches to teaching next year, join math teacher and edtech expert Stacey Roshan for a Twitter chat on Monday, June 14 at 9 PM ET.

Register to get complete instructions on how to participate in this free event!


PS: Have a question? We’re here to help — contact our Community Support Team for a rapid response or post in our Teach with Khan community to learn from your fellow educators.

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